Strategies for Successful Online Content Creation


Strategies for Successful Online Content Creation


Expanding your communications strategy to include online outlets can give your investment firm a bigger footprint and draw in new clients. But in order to do it successfully, you need a conscious strategy that considers the audience and context of each outlet you employ.

Different channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, company websites – require different voices and approaches.


  • The Platform – LinkedIn
  • The Space – Users are operating in “work mode,” looking for information, advice, and contacts.
  • The Audience – A strong presence relied on original content and commentary on key issues.
  • The Voice – Your best bet here is a generous, mentoring voice: friendly and full of information.


  • The Platform – Facebook
  • The Space – A more leisurely space where users are browsing.
  • The Audience – Facebook users want less longform content and a lighter touch.
  • The Voice – Pointing towards interesting content or commenting on relevant news is what’s wanted.


  • The Platform – Twitter
  • The Space – Rewards the short and sweet.
  • The Audience – Users want timeliness or wit. Think tidbits: links, remarks on news items, and the occasional light or wry comment.
  • The Voice – Corporate users can achieve viral success by engaging followers in an informal, personal way that “cuts through” formal boundaries.


  • The Platform – Blogging
  • The Space – Blogging successfully relies on a regular publishing schedule and networking – linking to and engaging with other content.
  • The Audience – Blogs that don’t engage with other online writing are invisible. An active blog, updated regularly, can bring readers and potential clients to your company website.
  • The Voice – Focus on your unique insights – readers can get news or data elsewhere – and give readers a sense of your personality.

Got It! Now What?

In order to use online and social media outlets successfully, you need a strategy that takes into account:

  • The audience for each platform, and how that audience intersects with your goals.
  • The context of each platform; are readers encountering this content in “work mode,” “leisure mode,” or “news mode”?
  • The manhours available to keep up in the online space.

Whether you’re seeking to expand your client base, solidify your corporate image, or maintain visibility, Purcell Communications can help you craft online content that’s appropriate to your goals.