3 Keys to Content Marketing


3 Keys to Content Marketing

www.purcellcom.com/insightsContent marketing matters to your financial firm. Short-term market performance can surprise the most brilliant advisors and asset managers – smart content creation helps build a bridge of trust that keeps your clients on the right path.

But good content marketing is tricky. There’s a lot of it out there, and in a lot of different formats. How can you consistently generate content your clients will connect to?

Over years of practice, we’ve learned that clients respond most positively to content that follows these rules:

  1. Right Content/Right Time. Engaging content needs a hook. Connect it to activities, events, or information your clients already know. An easy way to do this is to mention current events; cultural references or nostalgia are other possibilities.
  2. Insight Per Square Inch. Your clients are busy and impatient. They’re hungry for your insight –  but don’t make them work for it. Short, content-rich material always gets the strongest response. That’s why Twitter has become so successful.
  3. Personality. In college you were taught that formal language and qualifying phrases convey authority. But most people aren’t professors. Your clients want to hear your voice – whether you’re a solo advisor building client confidence or a large asset management firm breathing life into your brand.

These simple rules make content more effective in any format. They work for email, presentations, webinars, blog posts, white papers, even visuals and speeches.

It takes experience and skill to apply these rules consistently. Even solid professional writers can miss the mark. If your financial writers aren’t also experienced content marketers, it can help to create and share a steady stream of informed insight among your team. For a small firm, simply keeping a notepad on your desk will let you capture thoughts. In a big organization, regular meetings between content and subject matter experts, along with consistent documentation and review, can make a real difference over time.

A communications firm with writers experienced in both financial and content writing, like Purcell Communications, can help you convert your insights into effective content marketing outputs.

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