Problem: When American Century Investments, Inc. saw a large increase in institutional sales, everyone celebrated – everyone except the head of Investor Communications. New sales meant new reporting – more than 100 new requirements per quarter – and the existing writing team was being pulled in many new directions by an ever-expanding sales and client service team.

Problem: The Brandywine Global team had a happy problem – multiple members of its communications staff were going to be out at the same time on maternity leave. Brandywine needed an experienced writing and editing team that could jump in to quarterly reporting in a way that was seamless to both internal and external clients – and they only needed it for one quarter.

Problem: It’s happened multiple times with multiple clients – a communications department head or a key member of the writing staff resigns, leaving a gaping hole in the team’s knowledge and skills. Often, good replacements – people who get the technical aspects of investing and are great communicators – are very hard to find, attract, and train. Relocation may be involved, further extending the timeline for on-boarding.

Problem: Is your team efficient? Does it add value? How do you know? During a period of budgetary cutbacks, the Investment Communications team at a Fortune 500 asset-management firm (and long time Purcell Communications client) faced serious scrutiny of its budget. The team needed, but did not have, a means to show senior executives what their budget was buying and why it added value.

Problem: Janus Capital Group decided to shake up its marketing communications team. They had a vision: to focus their internal staff on setting strategic messages, while leveraging their insights with a team of external, on-call writers. But their needs were complex: they wanted multiple writers who could tackle everything from simple, straightforward repeatable content to deep and insightful analysis.

Problem: Steve Spahr and Associates is a financial advisor associated with Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. When Janney asked Steve to expand the firm’s footprint in northern Florida, he needed materials and messages that would help the company stand out with wealthy and sophisticated prospects. But as a small practice, he didn’t have the budget for a major marketing campaign.