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Outsource With Confidence


Outsource With Confidence

If you’re in investment sales, marketing, or client service, you’ve probably considered outsourcing some of your client communications work. But you might have concerns about bringing in “outsiders” – after all, your content contains critical company messages and data. How can you get the help you need without losing control of your final product?

As the 21st century workforce evolves, dated ideas about control can limit a firm’s ability to attract top talent. We talked to Katy Tynan, the Director of CoreAxis Consulting, who has done extensive research on the freelance market. Tynan, the author of Free Agent and Survive Your Promotion, specializes in helping companies utilize external resources productively.

For creative workers like writers, designers, and photographers, flexibility and nontraditional work schedules are a core value, Tynan says. As a result, “top writing talent is in the freelance talent pool.”

This means there are strong advantages to outsourcing communications work:

  • Talent – most of the top writing talent has already embraced freelancing. Outsourcing gives you access to great professional writers.
  • Flexibility – uneven workflow is the financial industry norm, which means internal resources are always either overtaxed or underutilized. Outsourcing lets you extend your team with flexible, hourly or per-project resources.
  • Lower Overhead – experienced freelancers are technologically up-to-date; you don’t need to provide desk space, supplies, benefits, or overhead. As a result, externally resourced work can provide significant savings.

To best realize the benefits of outsourcing, Tynan explains, you have to know what to look for and how to work with freelancers. Keep in mind the “three Ps”:

  • Plan: Have a long-term vision for what and when to outsource
  • Professionals: Find specialists with financial industry experience
  • Process: Establish a plan that ensures confidentiality, consistent messaging, and the ability to hit deadlines.

Whether you work with individuals or a firm like Purcell Communications, successful outsourcing makes sure your client communications are in the hands of experts and gives you a competitive advantage.