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Never Fear Losing Key Talent


Never Fear Losing Key Talent

Problem: It’s happened multiple times with multiple clients – a communications department head or a key member of the writing staff resigns, leaving a gaping hole in the team’s knowledge and skills. Often, good replacements – people who get the technical aspects of investing and are great communicators – are very hard to find, attract, and train. Relocation may be involved, further extending the timeline for on-boarding. It can put tremendous pressure on those who remain.

Solution: Our emphasis on having a buttoned-up process and a great bench of writers gives us a unique advantage in helping clients through this situation. Our client management team will take the time to make sure they understand your way of doing things, from data reporting to file sharing to compliance and content management. So we can fill the gap, short-term or long-term, with an outside resource that is just as knowledgeable about how you do things as the person you lost.

And, we take the next step as well. Using tools that we’ve honed over more than a decade of client service, we document your process in a way that makes it easy to consider different options for plugging in new employees. This also allows you to bring new people up to speed very quickly, whether they are a new employee or a new member of your Purcell Communications contingent team.