Communication Matters

Instant Scale When Your Business Grows


Instant Scale When Your Business Grows

Problem: When American Century Investments, Inc. saw a large increase in institutional sales, everyone celebrated – everyone except the head of Investor Communications. New sales meant new reporting – more than 100 new requirements per quarter – and the existing writing team was being pulled in many new directions by an ever-expanding sales and client service team. Already short-staffed, they needed experienced writers and editors. How could they find them? And where would they find the time to train them?

Solution: Purcell Communications had an instant solution for this client. We tapped our best writers/editors as well as our extended network of freelancers. Working with the head of Investor Communications, we figured out the skills we would need and used our proven process to quickly plug new resources into the client’s own writing team.

But our solution didn’t end there. We also met with the institutional business unit each quarter, making sure our writers understood their needs. We enhanced our outputs and our process based on real-time feedback. Ultimately, the Investor Communications team successfully supported the growth of the business. And through an ongoing partnership with us, the communications team is well positioned to handle future growth.